555 Conference

exceptional global experts (total 25)
5 predictions of future patterns
5 brilliant cities circumnavigating the world on 5 consecutive Mondays

5 5 5 conference 2014

narrowly constructed, focused & superbly communicated, constructed predictions for the next 10 years
Finding the future first


health & well being
architecture & visual arts
space & travel
planes, trains & automobiles
media & communication
urban development
entertainment & sports
computers, visual display & transmission

Above is the description of 555 conference which is terse and short as it fits on a calling card. There is some addition explanation that puts some flesh on the bones, which follows.

The team is currently negotiating with various cities around the world to measure their interest in holding a gathering and their interest in being identified with the theme
Finding the future first™.

The model for each city is to put on the conference in some small to grande venue, inviting whomever they like, charging whatever they like or even having it free and keeping the proceeds (or lack there of) for themselves. The model is not to have people travel around the world and go to all 5, alhough they are welcome to, but to regionally develop a meeting and audience that is local in focus and that 2 of the 5 presenters come from the regions. So that out of the 25, 10 come from around the world and 15 will tend to be USA centric, because that is where I am based and where much of the work in the sciences, medicines and in the subjects listed above; though not neccessarily done by Americans, is done in the university communities. There is subject matter that the Near East, Asia, and South America have a focus on, which differs from the focus that the United States has. 555 will celebrate these differing views.

We shall ask each city to develop a list of ten people from which I would chose 2, to fill out the 5 and in future years we would use some more from that list, but that list would also be a viable list of people to have at the conferences to have a sense of what is going on and perhaps, in improvised conversation, respond to some of the predictions.

The culmination of the five city events would be in New York, where there would be a gathering of as many of the 25 speakers as possible to have a www2 conference. (See www.thewwwconference.com). In which I would pair and have improvised conversations, intellectual jazz, between these extraordinary people responding to these predictions.

Each of the people making a prediction would be given as much assistance as they desire to develop an instant app available after their talk, video, slides and help in making each terrific presentation. Not read, not rehearsed, but in the spirit of the other conferences that I have created. Believable conversation backed up by extraordinary AV. I would have a team of people offering that assistance and that advice with which my history and the history of IDG World Expo has proven to work.

Finding the future first™. I want to attract those cities, those people, and the curiosity of the world in addressing that seductive phrase. As the www conference was about intellectual jazz, this embraces

Finding the future first™ and my parallel mantra understanding precedes action™.



Richard Saul Wurman

Dave Gallo
Jack Dangermond
David Agus
Peter Diamandis
Greg Harper
Jon Kamen
Maggie Xiao
Michael Smolens

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