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  • Urban Observatory
  • July 2013 - San Diego, CA
  • July 2014 - San Diego, CA
  • February 2015 - Smithsonian Castle, Washington, DC
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    Orchard of Understanding
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  • 80: Worship the God of Understanding
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5 5 5 conference 2015

narrowly constructed, focused & superbly communicated predictions for 2020
Finding the future first

addressing the acronym

transportation & transaction
energy & environment
aggregation & urbanization
communication & entertainment
health & well being

In the possibility or likelihood that you do not know the WWW Conference please look at the site here [The WWW Conference]. Or if you have an iPad or iPad mini, please explore the WWW Conference app. This app contains unedited, unrehearsed, uncensored and unscripted conversations between extraordinary individuals.

The reach of the conference besides the limited audience will also be a massive sharing campaign within companies. Including, print and televised media. Incrementally released specials.

The presentations will be curated from those individuals who have game changing ideas. This is not about their most recent book, theory, building, project or even fundraising for a worthwhile charity.

Instead this is about physical and social occurrences and inventive ideas that make up the true laws of innovation.

The goal is to draw from the great minds and radical ideas of the planet. Not incremental change.

They reflect on the processes that have to do with addition of disparate inventions to form completely new realities. There are changes in response to need. Social changes in learning, not incremental changes about education. There are also the many innovations that respond to the laws that result from looking at issues in an opposite manner.

As Niels Bohr had said, “The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth”.

This will also include those rare game changing ideas that come from epiphanies. Breakthroughs, not from marketing need, but the discovery of a pattern of clarity.

Some of these could be:

The lessons learned from an education system that blurs white collar, blue collar and black collar (creative and technology) classes. Which doesn’t direct us all to a B.A. degree and urges us to question the very idea of the magic of 4 years.

The opening of the Northwest Passage.

The change in the length of battery life by a factor of 3 or 4, obviating the need for fossil fuels and demanding a new electrical grid.

The creation of new life forms.

71% of the Earth’s surface is water. 64% of the Earth’s surface is the high seas - under no country’s jurisdiction. Larger than any country or continent on the planet. This body of water might be a continent unto itself whose governance could preserve life in Earth.

And all of these, once presented, form the basis of improvised conversation involving all the presenters, intellectual jazz, and answers to these questions...

How does the world prepare?
What are the unintended consequences?

If you are interested, follow this website.

The WWW opening in 2012 at the Riverside Mission Inn.

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